About Us

LEN are the World’s leading specialist in passive signal enhancement.

Wherever a signal requires to be transmitted, enhanced, cleaned, split or combined, LEN has the expertise and products to assist.

If you are based outside the UK, Signal Shepherd has been specially established to help you access LEN technology and products.

UK based and staffed by personnel experienced in international trade, Signal Shepherd has the specialist knowledge and facilities to meet your signal enhancement needs.

We offer the full range of LEN products and as division of LEN we have unparalleled access to technical support.

If you need to transmit, enhance, clean, split or combine a video signal, please contact us for;

  • Details of  LEN products
  • Prices & Availability of LEN products
  • Order placement (end users & system integrators)
  • Enquiries about becoming an LEN Distributor or stockists